Friday, August 31, 2018

Writing - Learing blog

So this week we have been doing writing and it's about an ice palace 
we had to make ideas about like ice and snow
after that, we said about what the ice palace looks
so we picked what is a good one out of 3
ad picked the one for ideas about the ice palace and you make a story
we have a lot more to do but this is what I have done so far

Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see forever you would see Ivan’s land. It is a land where the green grass cover in the shining snow and the falling snowflakes. As the snowflake disappeared as it hit the ground with the shining snow. As Ivan steps on the crunchy soft snow, it breaks quietly like a
The cold wind touched his checks. Ivan is a boy with brown short hair and warm clothes on. His hands go numb and his breaths in and goes “brrrrrrrrrrr” as it's cold. The cold wind hit the trees howling like a wolf. A snowflake dropped on his check and it melted down his check.
It's a place where is no happiness, where you want to leave and you hate it.
As the wind blows on his face, he shivered.I t was cold, frozen and covered in the big pile of snow.
The wind always hits, shakes, freezes and kills

But Ivans doesn't mind the cold because he has been in it for a long time

Friday, July 6, 2018

My Reflection

What's worked well for me this term : I think that Trying new things this term because if I didn’t try new
things I wouldn't of known that I was good at it. And trying new things has
Made my learning better.

What Am I Proud Of This Term : For my maths at the start of the year is was kinda bad so
Giving my maths, reading and writing my hardest has payed off for me. And my reading and writing was
bad but now it's better because trying my hardest and giving it my everything
Has made my work better

How Have  I shown my YMS Hero qualities this term: I think I am a Yms Hero
Because you be kind to others . Care for others. Don’t touch other people's stuff .
Be responsive about other people and other people's stuff  

Are there some things that haven't gone well for me: Though I try new thing they don't always work out I
fail all the time. But I get back up and try again and again. My dyslexia is annoying because when I read
my writing without my glasses the words go everywhere and my writing doesn't make sense so I have
to edit my writing sooooooooo much

What challenged me and how I worked through it  : So I get really annoyed sometimes Causes I just
don't know the answer and I don't get it but I try again and try to work it out but sometimes it doesn't
work out

What is my focus for me next term: my focus is to get better at all my reading, writing and maths
and go up s group for them

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Ok so a few days or weeks ago I posted about my newspaper report, I have now finished it and now I want to show you the finish Newspaper report. Remember in a newspaper you need a

  • Headline
  • a picture
  • a picture and a little bit of writing under the picture
  • a quote
  • " that around the quote

Ok now, look at my newspaper report.  Hope you like it

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


so for maths, we have been doing Geometry, the funny thing is that I just did a test for Geometry

so this is 2 things that I did on the slides I had more than 28 slides but I couldn't put more than 28 slides on my blog. I really hope you enjoyed the maths that I did. comment if you tried and worked it out another way. This is the way that I worked it out. Make should to comment