Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Awesome aboriginal art!

One starry night, amongst a flaming, burning hot bushfire in the mountains, a lone turtle, huddled together, her newly laid eggs protecting them from the fire. As the  burning fire was dying out her eggs were hatching. The turtle gathered her new babies together and waddled them safely down to the sea. The turtles never went back to the scary mountains.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The magic Box!!!

This is my poem hope you enjoy the poem. Please have have feedback!!
I put in the box Image result for magic box
A magic flower.
The power of the tower in the box. The bit of lightning is
Frightening. A  bit of the sea salt summer water in the box.

I put in the box
A bit of power of the white tower, the morning sun light
A bit of the blue sky. A bit of the gold in the cold,
As the darkness of a night sky .

I put in the box
The light of the sunrise . the dark of the night , the light
Of the stars in the dark,  a zombie from Zimbabwe
A bit of the fluffy clouds Image result for lightning

I put into the box
A piece of brown hair, a bit of the cold rain
A person on the black horse
The chair jump high as it can

My box is fashioned from gold,wood and glass
And grey steel hinges
I rode in my box
on a yellow beach in the box and riding on the sand

Jumping over the logs on the sand

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Ocean Maker


The ocean maker

6th November rimu did a writing test. The test was about The Ocean maker. to see the movie Click the link. We saw a little bit of the movie and then you had to write what you think how the movie will go. The Process of writing. First we saw a little bit of the movie then we talked about what we:felt,character,wondering,plane,I saw,I think. after talker about it we planned on a piece of paper. after planning. We had to write the story.
Please Give Great feedback about my story and say what you liked😃😃

Sand stretches as far as the eye can see. Seeing the lighthouse in front of me, I don’t see anyone in the light house. Looking around the land seeing all the sand and the boats it's like I know that the water has gone all the water dryed up all the boats have dead people  in it
MY PLANE IS GOING DOWN:’ The plane has black smoke coming out of it. I land my plane broke down in the middle of nowhere I see the lighthouse it’s looking at the  ………….. Yes! that was what I had been looking for. White and fluffy cloud it's floating in the sky and it's coming my way yes!

but the lighthouse it's working but no know is at the Lighthouse.
I am going to the lighthouse to see who is in there i walk over to the lighthouse and i heard gunshots going off I dont know whats going. An old lady is in the lighthouse. I went into my plane again and i flyed off into  the sky and I saw another  plane the plane was making a big cloud i am thinking to myself i need to make it rain

If i just leave he to it No! i can Thinking to myself “ he can do it” but at the same time i don't know the gunshots got louder and louder.

I walked into a ship that had dead people.

It was that moment that i Know I had a knife in my heart……

Friday, October 20, 2017

Awesome Uru manuka Logos!

This is my uru manuka logos. Please tell me what logo you liked the best. For Uru manuka, the class had to make a logo for uru manuka. we made the logos for the competition. Please give feedback!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Amazing Fractions

Hi i am teaching you how to do some fraction here i hope you like it and i hope you learn something about the video!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spring is here!

Spring is here!
            Spring is here.
                      Spring is here.
                    Goodbye snow.
                   Flowers grow.
                  Birds and bees.
                 Leaves on frees.
                 It's time to run and have fun.
            The sun peeking through the clouds.

the grey clouds are going away, the sunshine is on its way.