Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sailing Recount

Lake Rua  

I was so nervous!!!
I got into class I was really nervous my heart
was beating out of my chest,  I waited with my friends
until the bell rang, all the students sat on the mat.
The teachers went over what you have to have , and the teachers said,
 “ year 7 and 8s go and wait at the gate. Year 5s and 6s. We waited at the gate for the teachers to
come and unlock it. We got on the bus and waited for the time to pass”
what I said on the bus was for the writing I did today I said “ today I went sailing
and went on the boat and red a book the end “  . Lake Rua I got more and more nervous by now
, we got out and walked to the to grass. The teacher put down a tarpaulin to sit on
and put the bags down.

After that we sat down for the people to tell us what to do and other stuff like that.
After telling us we have to put up the boat and Julia , bree and I was in a team,
we  first got the boat we wanted ad got the sail and all things we needed after we finished
the boat the people
showed us how to use it, I didn't really know how to for me it was
confusing but I got the hang of it, I was happy that I got the hang of it

It was time for morning tea so we got to eat some food and have some time to relax,
but I knew after we ate we had to go on the boats because the people was taking the boats
to the dock where you get on , but first we finished eating and went to go and put on life jackets ,
we went to the docks and started to get on I was soooo nervous now but it was our groups time ,
Julia went on first she was fine , then bree and me I was so scared but
I got on and couldn't turn but I ended up back at the docks somehow.
Other groups went on and it was my time again I did It  I turned!!
I was so happy and went back.

It was time for lunch, I ate some food and we had a play.
It was really funny Toby kicked the ball into the water and went away and couldn't find it.
 We went again the wind was really picking , I went on first and it was so windy I could turn so the
people in the boats had to help me I almost fell in but, the way back My boat got stuck in the motor
and I kept going in circles and the boat started rocking and nearly fell in the water , I felt the water
touch my hand and it was so cold

I got back, after that I didn't go on again, other people fell in after that
, I got wet I went back with my friends and got changed into warm clothes ad packed my bags.
And we got to play until all the people got back ad changed, Grace said thank you and went o the bus
back to school, The day was fun a new thing that I was proud of trying.

( it's me )

Friday, November 2, 2018

Novel Study

So we have been doing Novel Study, and  Novel Study is a book you get and read it and answer all the questions in a Google slide,
I will show you two of the slides of my novel study.

One is Synonyms
A synonym is a word that means the same as other words

And now is finding out about the author is
Patrica Hammond tell me if you have heard of her or know her, and this is the slide

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


The Rimu classroom has been doing this inquiry based on plastic, rubbish, and pollution. 
And I'm doing mine on plastic in the oceans, and I wanted to share some of my information what I have learned in the inquiry. We have sub-questions and my sub-question is. Why do animals eat plastic  : scientists  have shown that things under the water to sea animals look like food that's how they eat plastic. more than 200 million animals have swallowed the plastic that looked like food, and under the water, people say that the food smells like food because food has been in it so they think it is . turtles mistake plastic clear bags for jellyfish because they think it's food to eat . The biggest one is seabirds eating plastic and mistaking it as food because they are so hungry it started getting so bad they made glass because all the animals ate it , no animals have become extinct from the plastic so that's good. 500 million Americans use straws every day and that's only a day just a day 500 million it would fill up 125 school buses with every straw. why do all the animals have to go through this

I feel sad about this because the animals are dying because of our mistakes. Ï think this should stop do I know how I don't but hopefully one day this will stop. Tell me what you think about the animals dying because of plastic, do you think we should stop this, please tell me in the comments

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Refugee is a book we read and I made this into a flipbook enjoy reading this click here for the link  here

Monday, September 24, 2018


To get better at our writing the teacher has made us character slide so we can make our story better, we got this thing what you push and it makes a character for you can so this is mine 

first, the one that you push the button and it makes you a character
Shrek is very aggressive, judgemental, she hates everyone and her teeth are very yellow and fuzzy. She is very foolish and bad mannered. Shrek is greedy, harsh and bossy. She lives in Turkey. she moves stubbled and eagerly. If anyone talks to her she punches them in the face. her hair is very dirty and she smells like she hasn't showered in a year. She wears old dirty bags. She has a pet goat. her hobbies are swimming in swamps

after that, you have to make a setting and make up your own character
and here's my story
Walking the street in turkey smelling rotten egg smell, and the roasting sun on my shoulder. I stubbornly walked into the shade. The wind hollowed dagging the rotten smell closer. Her grumpy voice hollowed into the wind, she dragged her leg across the road, she got across and sat grumpily and stubbornly, waiting for the time to go past.

this is my favourite hope you like it