Friday, April 12, 2019


Kia ora !
Happy Easter
My hat is crazy and odd so please don't judge
Well first I got here and started going crazy with my hat !
I started with long cardboard and started shaping.

I used my friends stuff as well as mine so we all shared.
I'm not doing this to win I justed wanted to have fun so that why its not good.

But my friends and myself are so scared because we get to know the senior roles and house Leader!!!

I started with colour and stars and everything I get like slapped on !
( not really I put them on)
But I finished and went to mrs Taylor to get photos and now im doing this blog post .


 If you have any questions comment!
I will see next term bye!!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Get A Grip!!

Kia ora !
We did something really exciting!
We went to grip leadership ,
What s grip leadership
all the year 7s of our school went and learnt to be a leader

First I went in Mrs Spragg car
We got there at 9.30
We got there I was shocked because , It was a haircut place and a cafe , but we went in this massive presenting room.
They firstly there was a booklet on the seat we had to finish that by the end of the day
They started to say there names .
They talked about what and why there are here and about them
Then we started to an activity and we met new people , after  that some people got to on stage and do some things,
Then it was break we had some food went to the toilets and went outside.
We came back in and had a dance party .
Then we started again.
Other activities but then The noise boys came and Made noise .
We went and did stuff in our booklets
When I went on stage and had some fun.
And we finished with a dance off

And we went home

What I learnt
I learnt about CORE and how to be a good leader
If you have any questions please comment!

Is it divisible??

Kia ora
I will be showing you how and is it divisible by 3
I made a biteable because I thought it would be fun to show you
This is it and I hope you enjoy

Chunking by division on Biteable.

If you have any questions please comment
Do you know if something is divisible by 3 ?
Can you figure out one yourself ?
I hope you found it great for learning


Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Kia Ora ,
This is the last week of home learning for term 1 !!.
I hope you enjoy!
All the information will be in the slide!
If you have questions please comment!

Bye!! And remember to leave a comment and have fun!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Student Summit 2019!!

                                                                         Kia ora!
                                                              Welcome back to my blog,
                                                    Today I went to student summit!    
Firstly what is student summit. Well student summit is where lots of schools goes to do presentation about a website to make videos or whatever you want. I was a doing a presentation and I did about Biteable , I will do a blog post about biteable soon! So stay tuned. But I did biteable with, Kade who is  a year 6 . Chloe year 8 Myself year 7 . 
Julia wasn't here but she made the video including all of us! But people that in my school and the other schools, some of us can just to and watch other people that do the presentation. 
Firstly we got there at 9.30 AM 
We were in the main area in south hornby . But we got our Chromebooks , and waited for the timetable . After that the first group did there one and I watch that one , it was Animaker I will link it here if you want to have a look. 
I did one but I didn't finish in time . I loved ainmaker because it great to use and its easy and it has great results. 
But after that we had a break and talked. Then we got to go to the next one , I played around with google drawing and how to get better with it , I made some google drawing I will show in the blog post , I'm going to do one about Biteable and all the things I did in student summit. 
After that it was our time to do it so we didn't have a break and we set up . 
I thought that we did really well apart from the WiFi it wouldn't let us connect  .
After that we did some feedback and went back to school. 

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions comment!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Kia ora!
This week is what 3 important things in life for home learning.
All the information in the slides below.
What do you think of the home learning .
Now the slides .

Thanks bye

School Journal Work

Kia ora! I'm Grace from YMS.
This week I have finished my School Journal Work. You have to read the book and answer the questions for each story and do the activates .
I have done a mini Inquiry about the first NZ school.
I wanted to do this one because someone traded a gun for someone to build the school.
I thought that they would of paid to build the house.
Would you build a house if someone gave you a gun or something else you needed?
I probably wouldn't.
Here it is .

The schoolhouse for a musket :

Firstly thomas kenall ,did a trade by giving them a gun for a school so she could get William to build the school. It was only one room building for a gun . they is no visible trace of it nothing's there. William hall that built the house his family went down to have a look at the school . the school was ran by Thomas Kenall . They had to learn Reo Maori first to start learning as we live in nz and that's one of our language. They had a man to teach the kids to read and write in english and Reo Maori .  They had to work in a sweet potato farm as well as do the work in Reo Maori . they had to build a room to work in so they traded and he get want he wanted.
The school went up to 3rd form , the small rom was 10x 6x so it's was really tiny to work in. They was 33 students that learnt at tht school . The school would teach boys and girls how to read and write in Maori and english.The government checked out the school and they made more and more but they didn't trade it for a gun . The government started to pay for more schools so they was more and not only just one school in the whole of new zealand.
In 1970 they left the building for the 100th birthday . They crashed down the building at 2012 , plus they when more and more schools so it wasn't like they was no more schools.
This picture was near the school , This schools opened 200 years ago .     In the last slide I said that they left it plus they crashed it down because they was more school around it and it got too old and it was breaking and the earthquakes made it fall down a bit and it was damaged .       so the countsell . 1814 thy finished and the village was close to it so people didn't have to go far but it was right next to the sea so people could come across the sea to have a look at it or join the school.
Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed. 
If you have any questions please comment.
If you were in the first school what do you think it would be like?
If you think I can do more improvements what do you think I could do?
Thanks bye.