Friday, May 11, 2018

Non Chronological Report

LO: Learning about Non Chronological Report, and how write them well.
For the past 2 weeks we have been writing a Non- Chronological Report, So just a report.
I have learnt how to write a report because i'm used to doing a story.
I have learnt you have to do a Subheading and that is I'm doing about a shoe so say
PRICE and say the price under it. What I have found difficult is that you have to do a lot a lot lot of editing.  I have improve on my present tense.

Now the writing :

the spinning light
James shinzer designed the shoe and asked the baker family to try it out. It was designed in 2011
The  bakers are trying it out for 2 weeks lets see what the shoe is and what there liked about it  at the end!

The shoe lights up so does the laces. It is waterproof and so are the laces.  It floats as well an you can choose to go fast slow or not fast. The light can go out so if the buyer needs to charge it to make it go again. You know when you going fast because is will be a loud  Saying “stop warning stop going too fast stop”


This shoe is made out of leather. The lights in the shoe go rainbow and neon. The floating is because it's like a hoverboard but a floating one. You have a controller to go fast and slow
If the controllers dies charge it up with the same charger to charge up the lights and the shoe to make it fly!!

This shoe is a bit pricey. It is $155 for adults and kids are &125. But it comes with the charger and the controller ipad. As well this shoe has a Neon lights and other brands don't AND it floats. People who buy these shoes can get it in different colours and shapes. Buyers who wants it can get into size kids and adults.Buyer that want the  shoe can fly. Who ever wants the spinning light can control it. The controller ipad is waterproof and goes in whatever colour the person who wants can choose the colour. And connects to the shoe but the buyer can take it off if the user wants.

The baker family found it was fun and only sometimes to charge it up to fly,lights,waterproof and controller .Over all they say it was a really nice shoe to fly in and the lights are so cool it's like having a dance party in the shoes . I love to fly in it. The buyer can swim in it and go fast when swimming and fly like the birds high in the sky. Not so high pretty high tho .Higher like a one story house.
Everyone that tried it was happy about it because there is no technology like this.

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