Friday, July 6, 2018

My Reflection

What's worked well for me this term : I think that Trying new things this term because if I didn’t try new
things I wouldn't of known that I was good at it. And trying new things has
Made my learning better.

What Am I Proud Of This Term : For my maths at the start of the year is was kinda bad so
Giving my maths, reading and writing my hardest has payed off for me. And my reading and writing was
bad but now it's better because trying my hardest and giving it my everything
Has made my work better

How Have  I shown my YMS Hero qualities this term: I think I am a Yms Hero
Because you be kind to others . Care for others. Don’t touch other people's stuff .
Be responsive about other people and other people's stuff  

Are there some things that haven't gone well for me: Though I try new thing they don't always work out I
fail all the time. But I get back up and try again and again. My dyslexia is annoying because when I read
my writing without my glasses the words go everywhere and my writing doesn't make sense so I have
to edit my writing sooooooooo much

What challenged me and how I worked through it  : So I get really annoyed sometimes Causes I just
don't know the answer and I don't get it but I try again and try to work it out but sometimes it doesn't
work out

What is my focus for me next term: my focus is to get better at all my reading, writing and maths
and go up s group for them

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  1. Kia Ora Gracie, I am Julia from your school.
    I think this post shows people a lot about you. I also think that it is great to see you are trying your hardest and you must have had a lot of courage to post this. A Quick Blog Tip: before you post can you please give an understanding of what you are doing and check your spelling/grammar errors.
    Apart from that amazing writing and picture and post all together.

    Kind Regards
    Yaldhurst Model School


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